NightOwlFit Nutrition and Fitness Tips for the Night Shift

Ancestral health gets us back to eating real, whole foods, and moving as humans have evolved to move, and sleeping and living according to our natural rhythms, all of which foster maximal health.

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Ok I will admit it I do not like the night shift.

Night shift is draining, tiring, and strips you down sometimes to your very soul. And if we are being really honest with ourselves most of the people in your life get tired of hearing about it. Trust me I have been there, I am still there. Keeping up with eating healthy, trying to stay at a decent weight, or let alone going for a run is usually more than an afterthought. Most of our days and nights are usually filled with thoughts of sleep, when can I sleep, is it time to sleep, and where is the coffee.

I would love to go back to 2006 with the knowledge I have today I will do things a lot differently. Back then I started my job working night shiftI was only a couple years out of the Marines and figured I could take on anything. I had done swing shifts before so working the night shift didn’t seem like much of a transition. Boy was I wrong. A couple years into working there I found myself going through a nasty divorce, feeling lost and confused. The weight started to pile on quite easily. Though I was able to land back on my feet with the help of my current wife I was still working night shift.

It was then that I decided to take my health into my own hands. Leaning on much of what I had learned from the marines I just started beating the pavement, and the weights. I consumed books, magazine, you tube videos, anything I could get my hands on about diet and exercise. A few years into my journey I was still overweight. My biggest issue was still being tired constantly. I had very little energy to devote to my wife or my children and I complained pretty much all the time.

Move forward a few years to 2016 when the paleo/primal movement really started to take off with the help of CrossFit. It was then that I started to see some real change. At the time I was doing CrossFit workouts at my local gym, consuming hours of podcasts each night, and starting to sleep better. It was 2016 when the I discovered  the Keto Diet movement that I saw the biggest difference.

I would love to go back to 2006 with all the mistakes, all the missteps, and start the journey again. It would save me a lot of time and wasted energy. To this day I still don’t like night shift. Our bodies are constantly fighting it. But I have found a way to make it more manageable. I sleep better, eat better, and move better.

It is through my mistakes that I chose to launch NightOwlFit. To help those either at the beginning of their journey, or those that are years into it, find the info that can help them regain their health.